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Lars’ 2014 Election Picks

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  Oregon Dennis Richardson for Governor (and not for John Kitzhaber) Monica Wehby for Senate (and not for Sen Jeff Merkley) Congress Districts 1 replace  SUZANNE BONAMICI  with Jason Yates 2 re-elect  GREG WALDEN 3 REPLACE EARL BLUMENAUER WITH James Buchal 4 replace PETER DEFAZIO with Dr Art Robinson 5 replace KURT SCHRADER  with Tootie Smith Ballot measures 86   COLLEGE

Is there a smarter way to reform America’s immigration system? Tim Kane says yes!


Is there a better way to do immigration reform than what the President is trying to ram down our throats?

Should terminal patients have the right to try drugs without FDA approval? Darcy Olson weighs in…


If someone is terminally ill, should they have the right to try experimental drugs that may not be available to

David Quammen: What should the priorities be for the United States with regards to Ebola?

Ebola Virus Imaging Wide

There is a lot of misinformation out there with regards to Ebola. So we decided to talk with an expert!

Jillian Kay Melchoir is all over Maine’s Welfare Reforms!


There are a lot of good things happening in Maine when it comes to welfare reform…at least if you’re conservative.

Betsy McCaughey: US Hospitals Are Not Prepared For Ebola


How well are American hospitals prepared to deal with a possible outbreak of Ebola? We asked Dr. Betsy McCaughey, Former Lt.

Marc Thiessen: Obama’s ‘Blizzard Of Lies’

Obama Snow 640

Excerpt by Marc Thiessen In 1996, the late, great New York Times columnist William Safire published a column, “Blizzard of lies,”

Ann Coulter: We’ll tell you how dangerous Ebola is after the election…

Ebola Virus Imaging Wide

Excerpt by Ann Coulter There had never been a case of Ebola in the U.S. until a few months ago. Since

Erik Stanley on Houston Pastors’ Protest of the city’s non-discrimination ordinance…

Tg Bathroom

In Houston, the city passed a “non-discrimination” ordinance, which mandates that places of public accommodations cannot discriminate based based on

What is the RNC’s focus for the midterms? We asked Chairman Reince Preibus!

AATTP Reince Priebus

The midterm elections are coming up fast. What is the RNC focusing on as they push toward November? We asked

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