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The Inconvenient Law

America, famously, is a nation of laws and not a nation of men. Well, it used to be. Today? Not so much. Take the county clerk in Kentucky who’s refusing gay marriage licenses. Liberals grind their teeth and conservatives cheer. Or the San Francisco city supervisors who let murderous illegal aliens run the streets. Conservatives are apoplectic and progressives say

What a Waste

I know the fires are still burning hard and fast in parts of Oregon and Washington, but Baker County Chair,

Lies of the law

The arrogance and law breaking of public officials and public employees is on full display today. Hillary Clinton’s latest emails

How gullible is Jeff Merkley?

It’s hard to believe someone as gullible as Jeff Merkley represents Oregon as a United States Senator. Over the weekend,

Where’s the Other Side of the St. Mary’s Academy Story?

St Marys Logo

My friends in TV always claim they have to get “the other side” of every story. Here’s one where they

An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

JebBush Featured

An open letter to Jeb Bush In a country that has seen really great leaders, you bring new meaning to

Hillary Clinton learned some things from the Watergate scandal…the wrong things

Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton is trying to play dumb on the email scandal that threatens to end her

Preventing wildfires would make too much sense

For most of our problems, like drugs and abuse and pollution, the government prescribes prevention; But not for fires. No,

It’s time to take Trump seriously

The rap, among others, on the Presidential candidacy of billionaire businessman Donald Trump is that you can’t take him seriously.

Yes, Mrs Clinton, It Is About Benghazi

Uptown Hillary Clinton

Yes, Mrs Clinton, it is about Benghazi. It’s about four Americans murdered on YOUR watch. It’s about your decision before

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