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Obama is Here To Pump You Up!

Obama Vacation1

By Lars Larson Remember when candidate Obama promised he would not raise taxes on middle class Americans? “Not one dime”, he said? Now he’s proposing a plan for the 2017 fiscal year that would add a $10 tax per barrel of oil, to be paid for by oil companies. The tax would be used to pay for more global warming

Let Carly Fiorina Debate!


ABC will host the next GOP debate on Saturday February 6th. Although Carly Fiorina isn’t considered a frontrunner, she’s arguably doing

Craigslist Rant: Lars is Led by the Devil

Craigslist LarsDevil 1

By Lars Larson I don’t make decisions based on what’s going to be popular. I look at the totality of

WATCH: If You Can “Identify” as Black, Why Not a Cat?


Meet Nano, a 20 year old Norwegian woman who identifies as a cat. You’re eyes are not playing tricks on

“State-Ized” Health Care Has Arrived in Oregon

Moda Center

Nationalized health care has been a Democrat Party dream for decades. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both pushed for

WATCH: FBI Releases Video of LaVoy Finicum Shooting


LaVoy Finicum forced OSP/FBI to shoot him. Stopped by police Ran from stop at speed Tried to run the police

Who Can be Who in the Ladies’ and Mens’ Loo?


By Lars Larson I decided to channel a little Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss, to explain the battle

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