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Trevor Loudon Reveals ‘The Enemies Within’ Labor Unions

Trevor Loudon

Author, speaker and political activist Trevor Loudon joined the show live from CPAC to talk about the research he came upon detailed in his new book, The Enemies Within. In his book, Loudon traces the rise of Marxist ideology into American labor unions, as well as the alarming habit of hiring illegal aliens who become shop stewards only to hand out union

KT McFarland: John Kerry Is ‘Disconnected From Reality’

Kt Mcfarland

KT McFarland joined the show live from CPAC to talk about Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent comments. While addressing Congress, Secretary Kerry said: We are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans and to people in the world than normally; less deaths, less violent deaths today, than through the last century.” McFarland says that this

New Video Exposé of Rev. Al Sharpton


A new video from James O’Keefe, released by Project Veritas, is shocking to some, but not much of a surprise to those who have long known the Reverend Al Sharpton to be a race-baiting opportunist. In the video, several family members and lawyers of unarmed black men whose deaths have sparked national headlines are seen on hidden cameras, discussing the arrival of Sharpton

Will Raising Taxes In Oregon Save The Planet?

No Taxes

Oregon voters barely favor a low carbon fuel tax, according to a new poll. I figure once they learn what it’s about and who the money goes to, that support will drop fast. The Beaver State had the law on the books for more than five years, but it hasn’t been implemented. Now the legislature must either extend it or

CrowdMed: Online Access To Consensus-Based Diagnoses


A new, revolutionary website is providing answers and solutions for patients who may have not had access to information about their condition before. Stephen Gutowski, contributor for Opportunity Lives, recently profiled the website. Basically the idea is that they’re crowd-sourcing medical diagnoses for people who have rare medical conditions.” Co-founder Jared Heyman nearly lost his sister to a rare disease that for

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Kate Brown Headshot

Governor Kate Brown reminds me of the famous Who song about “not getting fooled again” with the signature line “meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”. So, what do we have in Governor Brown?  Largely the same staff in the Governor’s office.  She’s announced that she will keep most of the state agency heads, for now. Last week,

The Alternative to Lethal Force

Click below to listen to the conversation with CEO Christian Ellis.

Pete Hegseth: VA Secretary Numbers Don’t Add Up

Pete Hegseth

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald was on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday to talk about the firings in his department following the VA wait time scandal. However, the numbers he provided caused several red flags for those who have closely followed the scandal. Pete Hegseth is CEO of Concerned Veterans for America. On his organization’s website, Hegseth writes: “According

Ore. Sen. Betsy Johnson: Low Carbon Fuel Standard is ‘Bad Politics’

Betsy Johnson

Oregon Senator Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) joined me in the Oregon State Capitol Tuesday. The Senator had just arrived from the Senate floor, where a four-hour debate resulted in the passage of a low carbon fuel standard bill. Johnson was the lone Democrat opposed to the bill. “I think it’s bad policy, and it’s bad politics,” she said. The bill now

I Finally Got Some Face Time with The Governor

Lars Kitz

Thanks to our good friends at the Oregon Association of Broadcasters for inviting us down to broadcast from Oregon’s capital.

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