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Maybe Hillary Clinton Gets It

Maybe Hillary Clinton finally gets it. I mean, she gets that she’s not going to win the Democrat Party nomination for President. All those scandals involving dead Americans and hundreds of millions of dollars in graft are going to make her unelectable. So she needs to prepare for the future. Today, she’s throwing a bone to America’s trial lawyers. Hillary

Roseburg Victims’ Names and Murderer’s Name Released

Roseburg Presser

By Kyle Bailey News Radio 1240 KQEN October 2, 2015 3:40 p.m. – Originally posted at From students who had

Portland’s Mayor: The Show of Dogs and Ponys

I reasonably sure shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me the lunatic topics I enjoy on a daily basis here

We Need More Housing

Northwest cities need more housing. You find the proof of that in the crazy increases in average rents.  In Vancouver,

Minimum Wage Deceivers

Steve Buckstein at the Cascade Policy Center writes at Oregon Catalyst that we’re being deceived by supporters of the higher

Goodbye and Good Riddance

It’s hard to describe, in words the FCC will let me say on radio, the depths of my disgust for

We’ve All had a Volkswagen Moment

Volkswagen cheated to beat pollution tests for its cars but I find myself somewhat sympathetic toward their plight.  Here’s why:

Once Again, Private Industry Proves the Government Wrong

Affordable housing is all the rage among politicians these days. Apartment rents have skyrocketed and folks like Mayor Charlie Hales

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