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Donate To Support Aaron and Melissa Klein from Sweet Cakes by Melissa

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Directly from the Go Fund Me Campaign for Aaron and Melissa Klein: Aaron and Melissa Klein, Christian owners of the custom cake shop Sweet Cakes by Melissa, declined to create and design a cake for the wedding of two women whom they had happily served for other purposes in the past.  The Kleins felt that they simply could not create

Father Speaks Out Against Son’s Abuser

Eben Kaneshiro

‘Mike’, the father of a young boy who is believed to be a victim of sexual assault, joined the show

‘The Slants’ Lose Trademark Battle

Portland, Ore –  After a six year battle, Portland band ‘The Slants’ have been denied a request to trademark their

SB 941 Won’t Stop Criminals. It will Create Them

Background Check

Tomorrow, the Oregon House of Representatives holds a hearing on a new law that won’t stop criminals, but it will

Solar Customers Surprised With Liens


Tori Richards from joined me Monday with the details of a scandal following solar installation company SolarCity.

Rep. Louie Gohmert On NSA Data, 2016 Campaigns

Louie Gohmert

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) joined me on Thursday on Capitol Hill during FAIR’s “Feet to the Fire” event, to remind our

Sen. Jeff Sessions Describes Congress’ Amnesty Fight

Senator Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) joined me Thursday on Capitol Hill during FAIR’s “Feet To The Fire” yearly event to remind our national leaders

Sen. Rand Paul on taxes, immigration, and Hillary

Lars With Rand Paul For Web

While in Washington, D.C. this week, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who announced his

ACLU to Catholics: Provide Abortions For Illegal Aliens

Minor Illegals

It sounds like some kind of morbid joke, but it’s not. From the Washington Times: [T]he American Civil Liberties Union,

Hillary Clinton: The New Democrat Face of Feminism


Saturday Night Live opened its show this past weekend with a parody of the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, which

Letter to Congress: Repeal The Medical Devices Tax!

Obama Health Care Speech To Joint Session Of Congress

Christine Harbin Hanson is the National Issue Campaign Manager at Americans for Prosperity. She joined me Friday as a bipartisan

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