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WATCH: Rep. Aaron Schock’s Farewell Address

Aaron Schock

Lt. Col John Nance Examines Airbus Crash Possibilities


Lt. Col. John Nance joined me Wednesday to consider the possible circumstances that led to the crash of a Germanwings Airbus A320. I’ve been re-examining, and I’m really kind of startled but really what it comes down to is I think, that the highest probablity is some form of pilot incapacitation.” Hours before media outlets reported black box audio that confirmed this scenario, Nance

WATCH: Cornell Dean Says School Would Welcome ISIS Club

Veritas Feature Image

A Project Veritas reporter captured Cornell University Assistant Dean of Students Joseph Scaffido advising on how to start a student club for ISIS. It’s clear that Scaffido understood the meaning of ISIS and Hamas. The reporter made numerous attempts to clarify that the subject of the conversation was the Islamic State. Watch the new video from Project Veritas below Project

Whistleblowers and The Blue Dress

Kate Brown

Governor Kate Brown has a tough row to hoe; coming into office as a result of a political scandal ending with the political self immolation of John Kitzhaber. Oregon Government kept citizens in the dark for far too long during last year’s election campaign; refusing to release the very documents that eventually booted Kitzhaber and his self important, scheming gal

Wesley J. Smith Says New Law Would Force Doctors To Lie

Death With Dignity1

Wesley J. Smith joined me on Tuesday to take an honest look at California’s pending senate bill to legalize assisted suicide. As he wrote in his recent editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle: SB128 would…[require] doctors to lie on death certificates. Under the bill, if a terminally ill patient takes a legally prescribed overdose, “The cause of death listed on an individual’s

The Abbot and Costello Legislative Gang Are Ready For Google Fiber

If you’ve been wondering why Oregon has higher unemployment that the rest of America, look at the brain trust at the Oregon legislature.  Google Fiber has expressed interest in building a network in Portland the way it has in other cities. The problem is Oregon has Looney tax laws that charge a company based on the value of its intangible

WATCH: AP Reporter Goes After State Department on Admin’s Anonymous Whining about Israel


KT McFarland on Yemen, Iran, and Ted Cruz

Kt Mcfarland

Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland joined me on Monday.

Ted Cruz Announces For 2016

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz made himself the first major candidate to declare a bid for the 2016 presidential election on Monday. But what kind of candidate will Senator Cruz make?

Oregonians Deserve a Vote on the Convention Center Hotel


Oregon’s democrat dominated state government apparently doesn’t fear putting its elite arrogance on full display. The regional government Metro wants a convention center hotel and it proposes that the taxpayers will fund almost half of it. But metro knows that the voters would kill this grotesque use of public money. Metro’s answer? Put the deal together and then forbid the

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