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No Sympathy for the Cold Reception, Mr. President

In the West we call poseurs “all hat and no cattle”. That’s President Obama as he visits Roseburg today ostensibly to comfort the grieving, some of whom say they don’t want to see him. But we know from seven long years of experience this is a man who won’t “let a serious crisis go to waste”, who will violate the

Portland Public Schools and Their Hate Crime

The Classic definition of a hate crime is hurting someone based on their race, religion etcetera.  The government forbids that

Regulations! Because What Else Does Government Do

Well, the days are turning cold and crisp as fall arrives and the minds of county commissioners turn to thoughts

President Obama Places His Podium over Victims of the UCC Massacre

Archimedes figured he could move the world with a lever and a fulcrum. President Obama plans to use the bodies

Maybe Hillary Clinton Gets It

Maybe Hillary Clinton finally gets it. I mean, she gets that she’s not going to win the Democrat Party nomination

Roseburg Victims’ Names and Murderer’s Name Released

Roseburg Presser

By Kyle Bailey News Radio 1240 KQEN October 2, 2015 3:40 p.m. – Originally posted at From students who had

Portland’s Mayor: The Show of Dogs and Ponys

I reasonably sure shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me the lunatic topics I enjoy on a daily basis here

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