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Where’s the Other Side of the St. Mary’s Academy Story?

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My friends in TV always claim they have to get “the other side” of every story. Here’s one where they don’t. The Mayor of a major American city demands that a private, religious institution hire an employee whose personal beliefs are antithetical to those of the institution. Do you suppose the local Muslim Mosque hires Jews and Christians? Do you

An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

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An open letter to Jeb Bush In a country that has seen really great leaders, you bring new meaning to

Hillary Clinton learned some things from the Watergate scandal…the wrong things

Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton is trying to play dumb on the email scandal that threatens to end her

Preventing wildfires would make too much sense

For most of our problems, like drugs and abuse and pollution, the government prescribes prevention; But not for fires. No,

It’s time to take Trump seriously

The rap, among others, on the Presidential candidacy of billionaire businessman Donald Trump is that you can’t take him seriously.

Yes, Mrs Clinton, It Is About Benghazi

Uptown Hillary Clinton

Yes, Mrs Clinton, it is about Benghazi. It’s about four Americans murdered on YOUR watch. It’s about your decision before

Only in government

Paid leave is on my mind. You find it, mostly, in government agencies and rarely in the private sector. Here

Hey ODOT! We need more roads!

So Oregon’s Department of Transportation says the freeways are full. And their solution? New fancy electronic signs to tell folks

Protesters must abide by the law, even if politicians support their message

Think about the things we’ve seen in just the last two weeks. Protesters take over the stage and the microphone

Blocking Traffic Matters to Protesters, Explaining Why Does Not

Lars At Protest

One block from my home studio in Portland Oregon, a small group of “Black Lives Matter” protesters gathered at a

Seattle passes more liberty inhibiting legislation

I have never met a Liberal Progressive who didn’t think that every problem in our society couldn’t be fixed with

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