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Dinesh D'Souza: Left Wing Can't Ignore "America"

Dinesh D'Souza: Left Wing Can't Ignore "America"


Dinesh D’Souza is making waves again with a new movie called “America.”

When Dinesh released his last movie, “2016,” the critics mostly ignored it. It then went on to become the second most successful documentary of all time.

This time around, the critics can’t ignore him, and they’re trying to hit him hard. He joined me tonight to tell us what they have been saying, and to give his reaction.

  1. Joyce Clemons07-02-2014

    I bought my ticket on Fandango for a matinee on July 7th…can’t wait.
    2016 was great, but this will be better yet, I am sure.

  2. Tom07-03-2014

    For all the C—P that has been going in in our Country, and all the division being CREATED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, I walked out of this Movie with Head held high, Heart Pounding, and Tear in Eye. OUTSTANDING! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Mr. D`Souza.

    • Sharon Fabry07-03-2014

      Wonderful movie. Everyone has to see it.

  3. LARRY AUNGST07-03-2014

    I went to see AMERICA yesterday . I loved the movie. I wish that every person in America would go to see it especially every student ! What a wave of emotions came over me as I watched !

  4. Raejean Imler French07-03-2014

    I saw it yesterday and it was superb.

  5. Michael Hagmeier07-03-2014

    Lars, pallin’ around with a felon. Gotta love it.

  6. Denise Hedgecock07-03-2014

    It doesn’t take much to be a felon with this ADM. He was targeted. Illegal campaign contributions? Give me a break. This law only applies to us , the citizens of this Country. Not to the Eliteists.

  7. John Morton07-03-2014

    If one were willing to waste ones time looking through federal and states laws, one would find that virtually everyone is a felon.

  8. Michael Hagmeier07-08-2014

    Funny how right wingers are all law-and-order until one of their own gets busted. Then they make excuses.

    Of course, they also idolize the man whose administration had something like 29 people convicted of felonies, with others escaping because of pre-emptive pardons and “technicalities.”

  9. Harry Pollard07-08-2014

    Went to Costco to try and buy some presents for my grandchildren. Couldn’t find anything at all that wasn’t “Made in China”. Now they pulled “America” from their book section, citing “business reasons”. Bull Sh*t!

    Using the company policies to forward the disgusting left leaning beliefs of their CEO is pretty disgusting.

    Haven’t seen the movie yet. But I will. And I’ll buy my copy of the book from Amazon, thank you.

    Wonder if they’ll refund the unused part of my membership.

  10. Michael Hagmeier07-09-2014

    Maybe they have a policy of not stocking movies made by convicted felons.

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