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Law Professor David Bernstein Weighs In On The Michigan Affirmative Action Decision

Law Professor David Bernstein Weighs In On The Michigan Affirmative Action Decision

I think the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Michigan’s constitutional amendment that bard colleges from using race as a factor in college admission was fantastic.

We decided to get the take of someone who knows more about the law than I do, so we invited professor David Bernstein from George Mason University School Of Law to join us on the show!

  1. Ken Kaiser04-25-2014

    It borders on criminal neglect when universities, colleges or other groups want to grant special status for to certain groups because of their ethnicity rather than their capabilities. Once these folks are admitted then they are on their own to fend for themselves in an environment for which they are unprepared. The proponents of the Affirmative action policies have completed their tasks and the student or other beneficiary is left to fend for themselves. Two things are likely to happen. On is that they will flunk out . This is not a positive outcome but it does not affect the proponents of the policy because they have done the feel good thing. The second outcome is that the student will be passed along emerging from the university almost as innocent of knowledge as when they entered. This is still an undesirable outcome. My point is that you really have to be prepared to survive in the environment especially after graduation. We are not doing anyone a big favor to admit them over better qualified applicants. If you are a late bloomer you can bring yourself up to speed through the community college system and then apply to a four year institution and stand a better chance of surviving and actually learning the material associated with your degree field. If you do that you stand a much better chance of graduation and surviving after graduation. (unless your degree field is cultural diversity or woman’s studies or some other low demand degree….ken

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