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Mega Millionaire Nick Hanauer's warning to fellow rich guys: "The Pitchforks Are Coming…"

Mega Millionaire Nick Hanauer's warning to fellow rich guys: "The Pitchforks Are Coming…"

Nick Hanauer

Income inequality is a big time issue for the democrats, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

Today I came across an open letter written by mega millionaire Nick Hanauer, who was one of the first investors in Amazon, who had a warning for his fellow .01 %ers: spread the wealth around or the pitchforks will come…

  1. scott mckay07-08-2014

    My question to Mr. Hanauer’s is if I make 18 dollars an hour after 14 years and now some new guy with no experience is going to move from 9 bucks to 15. What is my employer going to do for me because that guy just got a 6 dollar raise!!! Not fair to me!! I’m sure every guy at every job will be asking for a raise!

  2. Harry Pollard07-09-2014

    Great interview.

  3. Fred ziari07-14-2014

    Giving someone a 50% increase ($10 to$15/hr) then what you pay an employee that made $15/hr ? ($15×1.5=$22.5/hr) and $30/hr ($30×1.5=$45/hr) and so on. It makes all of bussiness very disruptive.

  4. Michael08-04-2014

    Mr. Hanauer is living proof of the power of the free market: even someone with no understanding of basic economics can still become rich. You can become rich without even knowing how you got there. He proves it.

  5. John08-04-2014

    Hanauer and his fellow plutocrats have benefited handsomely from the free market system and that’s great. But Hanauer believes that he was lucky in attaining his wealth and recognizes that he can be beaten by better competition. What Hanauer and the other .001 percenters want is to stifle that competition by creating more taxation and regulation ostensibly to improve the fortunes of a dwindling middle class. These zillionaires are now at the top and can afford the high costs associated with taxation and regulation while the up and coming competition can’t.

    Hanauer, Buffet, Gates, Cuban, Bezos and their ilk don’t receive paychecks. They receive rents, royalties, capital gains, dividends and interest most of which is sheltered in trusts, not-for-profits or gifted within their tight plutocrat circles. They are exempt from taxation though they can afford it. These same elites like government, support government and in return are rewarded with government contracts and grants for activities that will never stand the test of the free market i.e. Solindra.

    Hanauer and others like him are positioning themselves with the help of government to be forever at the top. Bring on the pitchforks.

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