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Monica Wehby puts the attacks by the democrats to rest!

Monica Wehby puts the attacks by the democrats to rest!

Dr. Monica Wehby has been through a whirlwind over the past few days. Last night, she wrapped up the GOP nomination to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate against Jeff Merkley.

Today she joined me in studio to talk about her victory, and to address the attacks that the democrats have been hitting her with in an attempt to derail her campaign…

  1. Trek 390005-22-2014

    Dream on bro. They’ll drag her thru the mud from now until election day. They haven’t even started yet.

  2. Trek 390005-22-2014

    Holy Cow! “I can’t remember the details?” Is this Ronald Reagan running for office? WTF? They’ll beat her senseless with this crap – she needs to come clean – WHAT HAPPENED!

  3. Trek 390005-22-2014

    She MUST come up with a story that she can remember EVERY TIME and which her EX agrees is what happened. It doesn’t have to be the truth, but has to be AN ANSWER THAT IS BELIEVEABLE.

  4. Trek 390005-24-2014

    More importantly, she’d better be locked in a room from now until the first debate boning up on subjects she is weak on; complete with written tests so she doesn’t look unprepared next to Merkley. She’d best have a team of people to ask pointed, hard interview questions, repeatedly. Study, study, study and her answers to “dirty” questions had best be consistent week to week as well as believable and backed up by her EX(es).

    “I’ll look at each vote as it comes” type answers are going to get old fast.

    People are going to want clear answers on the issues. One example:

    “I support keeping Social Security strong” ain’t going to cut it. Her answer had better be: “I will oppose any attempt to privatize SS because there is currently no limit on the amount of money an individual can put into private investments. SS exists as a safety net to help people when those private investments fail or if they are not made at all for whatever reason. However, to protect those who have paid into the system from those who have not, I would support making it harder for non-payers to receive benefits”

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