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Juan Williams Agrees With Lars On Cuba

Juan Williams1

Juan Williams joined the show on Wednesday to weigh in on President Obama’s decision to lift the 54-year old Cuban trade embargo.

Ann Coulter On The Latest In A String Of College Sexual Assault Hoaxes


Ann Coulter joined the show Thursday to weigh in on the now-retracted Rolling Stone sexual assault story. “[Author Sabrina Rubin Erdely] wanted a story

Suspected Gang-Related School Shooting Injures Three In Portland

Ra Hs Shooting2

Someone fired on a group of young people outside an alternative high school Friday, sending three people to the hospital

Michelle Bachmann Bids Farewell, Fights To The End

When outgoing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined Lars on Wednesday, she suggested disappointment in the Republican response to the plan, particularly

Brent Walth on Willamette Week’s Project Censored Issue

Willamette Week Managing Editor Brent Walth joined The Lars Larson Show to talk about the magazine’s Project Censored Issue. Project

CIA Techniques Yielded Essential Information, With The Full Approval Of Washington- Even The Democrats


After five years and 6.3 million pages of CIA documents, the Senate Intelligence Committee has released its findings on the

The City of Portland Sues Uber

The ridesharing service Uber is now operating in Portland, to the joy of riders and the chagrin of City Hall.

The Street Fee Moves Beyond Portland

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick and Mayor Charlie Hales are floating the idea of taxing people that don’t live in the city,