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Daphne Zeng is fighting to bring her sister to America to attend her mother’s funeral…

Today, I received an email from a distressed listener. She told me that her sister was having trouble obtaining a

Was it right for the Mozilla CEO to step down? PJ Media’s Roger Simon weighs in…

Mozilla has claimed victory after CEO Brendan Eich bowed to the pressure from pro-gay rights activists and stepped down from

Ann Coulter: It’s time to punish the people who hire illegal aliens!

Ann Coulter has never been one to beat around the bush on the issues that matter. Tonight on the show

Steve King updates us on the immigration reform battle…

The democrats are trying to sneak in immigration reform at all costs. We spoke with Congressman Steve King about the

Fox News’ KT McFarland talks about today’s Benghazi Hearings

There were loads of new revelations in the Benghazi scandal at a hearing today in Washington. We spoke with Fox

John Lott’s son was at Fort Hood when shooting occured…

A terrible shooting happened today at Fort Hood, TX. Dr John Lott, a frequent guest on our program, has a

Kurt Widmer on the newly proposed FDA rules on selling beer mash to farms

The FDA has some new regulations in mind, and it affects the farming and beer brewing industries. To get an

Marc Thiessen: Making up good news about Obamacare

Excerpt by Marc Thiessen The Obama administration is celebrating that it has achieved its (downwardly revised) goal of signing up more

Frank Gaffney: ‘Civilization Jihad’ Comes to Court


Excerpt by Frank Gaffney Want to know what our Islamist enemies have in mind for America?  Look at Europe. Virtually

Juan Williams: Perception of ObamaCare is not reality.

I always love debating with Comrade Juan Williams, and today is no exception. He seems to think that the perception