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Dr. Henry Miller: General Mills Has a Soggy Idea for Cheerios

Non GMO Cheerios

Cheerios is going non-GMO….but does that do them or their consumers any good? Dr. Henry Miller from Stanford joined me

How likely is an attack at the Sochi Olympics? Dr. Mary Manjikian weighs in…

As we inch closer to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, many questions are emerging: What types of counterterrorism and

Marc Thiessen: Espionage Porn

Excerpt by Marc A. Thiessen As President Obama prepared to address the nation on surveillance, the New York Times revealed that the

Frank Gaffney: Obama Splits the N.S.A. Baby


Excerpt by Frank Gaffney King Solomon was immortalized for saving a baby’s life by threatening to split it between the

Steve Novick Is Trash Talkin’ Like A Seahawk


Earlier today Portland city commissioner Steve Novick took Portland trash talk to NFC champion status. For the first time since

Is the U.S. patent system broken? Attorney Alex Brown weighs in…

If you own a patent, it means that you own the right to the right to a product of invention.

Juan Williams: GOP will rue ObamaCare focus

Juan Williams is one of my favorite libs from Fox News, and he’s always got some crazy take on the

Highlights from Shot Show Day 2!

Today was my final day broadcasting live from SHOT Show in Las Vegas! Here are some of the highlights from