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Marc Thiessen: Why the left is attacking Paul Ryan

By Marc Thiessen, A Fellow With The American Enterprise Institute, Thiessen Writes A Weekly Column For The Post. Politicians and commentators

Michael Rubin: What Will It Take to Maintain Putin’s High?

Russia has officially annexed Crimea from the Ukraine, and now we’re left wondering what they might do next. Michael Rubin,

What is the left’s issue with Dr. Ben Carson? Kevin Jackson weighs in…

Dr. Ben Carson, who has been a guest on our program in recent months, is one of the smartest men

Kayla and Emily Are Trying To Get To Nashville

Cousins Kayla and Emily are competing in the Dark Horse Institute’s Nashville Dream Recording Contest, with their original song, Deeper in

James Delingpole: People don’t realize how much of our lives are controlled by activists

Just how much of your life is controlled by a small faction of enviros? We talked with Breitbart London Executive

SETON MOTLEY: Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Need to Lead to Fully Free Trade

By Seton Motley The United States and Japan are at the trade negotiation table – for the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The


By Seton Motley The solution to government – isn’t more government.  But that’s exactly what governments proffer all the time. They

Dan Goldenberg tells you about the Call of Duty Endowment, and how it’s helping our veterans.

Unemployment is a problem for millions of Americans, but how is the outlook for our nation’s veterans? We spoke with

Michael Petrilli: We Need To Tell Some Kids Not To Go To College


When a teen nears high school graduation, most people would say that they should begin planning to attend college. But

Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras talks about the ATF raid on his business

The story broke over the weekend about an ATF raid on Ares Armor, a company that manufactures parts to build