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The Bitter Sweet of Independence Day


This Saturday, we mark America’s Independence day but it has been a bittersweet holiday lately. I’m proud of a country where

The Supreme Court is Now a Legislative Body

C Roberts

The Supreme Court of the United States has turned itself into a legislative body for every state in America.  Its

New Transportation Deal, New Taxes

ODOT Featured

Every democrat I meet thinks all of society’s ills could be cured with enough tax increases. It took half a

Oregon’s Tree Politics Strike Me as Schizophrenic.

Save Trees1

Oregon’s tree politics strike me as schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is a mental illness where reason and emotion gets mixed up and people

Enforce Current Guns Laws, Don’t Try To Regulate Crazy

Dylann Roof Feature

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families in Charleston, South Carolina but mourning quickly turned to anger when

Stuck In Traffic? Send Your Thank You Cards To Oregon Government

Longshoreman Logo

If your commute to work seems a lot tougher these days, you can put some of the blame on Oregon’s

Rachel Dolezal Takes a Cue From Orson Wells

Rachel Featured

Orson Wells once fooled America into thinking the earth had been invaded by martians. It took months to write and

An Oil Refinery The Greenies Can Get Behind

The Northwest has one oil refinery. It’s a couple of hundred miles north of my broadcast studios in Washington state. Oregon

Emails Point to Coordinated Effort to Punish Sweet Cakes By Melissa


More than 200 years have passed since President John Adams observed that America has a government of laws and not

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