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Emails Point to Coordinated Effort to Punish Sweet Cakes By Melissa


More than 200 years have passed since President John Adams observed that America has a government of laws and not

Caller Chris Complains About Retiring At 40

Retirement Future

Caller Chris joined me on the show on Wednesday as I spoke to economist Stephen Moore about the Illinois Supreme

Part of the Solution to Portland’s Gang Shootings

Felons Kids With Guns Logo

Portland’s Last Thursday event ends with a shooting last week and three people go to the hospital. Today,police have a

Greg Walden Op-Ed: New EPA Rule Muddies the Water for Oregon Farmers, Ranchers, and Property Owners


By Greg Walden All across Oregon and the rural West, farmers, ranchers, and other property owners have been wondering: what

EXCLUSIVE: Airline Passenger Alerts To Neighbor’s Suicide Note

SFO Airport

I spoke with Vicki Riffe on Thursday afternoon shortly after she landed in Austin, Texas. Her trip, Flight 218, was

Dr. Monica Wehby announces MonicaPAC

Monica Wehby

Dr. Monica Wehby joined me on the show Wednesday to introduce MonicaPAC, a political action committee whose website says it was

California’s Immigration Policies To Blame For Drought?

Cali Drought

Don Guzzardi, National Media Director for Californians for Population Stabilization, joined me on the show Tuesday to weigh in on

Urban League of Portland’s State of Black Oregon 2015 Report

SOBO 2015

Nkenge Harmon Johnson, CEO of the Urban League of Portland and former communications director to then-Governor John Kitzhaber, joined me on

Oregon Rep. Thinks You Don’t Deserve The Kicker

Representative Tobias Read

Some Oregon representatives are really bright.  Some are about as dumb as a bag of hammers. Meet Democrat Tobias Reed

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