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Cartoonist Molly Norris: Still In Hiding, Four Years Later

Charlie Hebdo Shooting 5

On January 7th, 2015, three armed Islamic terrorists attacked the offices of a political satire magazine. Several cartoonists were among

Should A Hospital Remove Soda Pop- For Your Sake?

Providence Health & Services has become one of the first groups of medical providers to completely remove sugary drinks from their premises.

Middle School Pushes Islam Propaganda?

Islam HW

Concerned parent Rachel joined the show Wednesday to share her worries about her son’s recent homework assignment from Mountain View Middle School in

An Infidel Like Me

Politicians like Presidents Obama and Hollande probably can’t avoid calling the deadly attack in Paris today “terrorism”, but I’m certain

The Feds Are Now In Charge of Portland Police

Local control means a lot to most voters who give a damn, because they know that the greater the distance

David Von Drehle On Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Rise To Greatness’

David Von Drehle

Author David Von Drehle’s book Rise to Greatness was featured on the show Monday. In it, the author examines only one

Emily Miller Got Her Gun, But Says Obama Wants To Take Yours

Emily Miller

Author Emily Miller joined the show Thursday to describe President Barack Obama’s efforts to strip law-abiding gun owners of their 2nd

Mark Mosier Talks New Book, ‘Signs of Life’

Mark Mosier

Paramedic and author Mark Mosier joined the show on Christmas Eve to talk about his new book, Signs of Life,

Gun PSA Encourages Kids To Commit Crime

America’s anti-gun crowd has always been willing to stoop to new lows. Now one group has a new public service

2nd Amendment Santa: A Gun Range Ad Turns Heads


Steve Dyke and Will Clark are co-owners of the Down Range Indoor Training Center in Chico, California. They recently made headlines

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