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Ann Coulter: We’ll tell you how dangerous Ebola is after the election…

Ebola Virus Imaging Wide

Excerpt by Ann Coulter There had never been a case of Ebola in the U.S. until a few months ago. Since

Erik Stanley on Houston Pastors’ Protest of the city’s non-discrimination ordinance…

Tg Bathroom

In Houston, the city passed a “non-discrimination” ordinance, which mandates that places of public accommodations cannot discriminate based based on

What is the RNC’s focus for the midterms? We asked Chairman Reince Preibus!

AATTP Reince Priebus

The midterm elections are coming up fast. What is the RNC focusing on as they push toward November? We asked

Tom Fitton: We now have confirmation that ISIS is in Mexico…


Judicial Watch, a fantastic organization that fights for truth from the government, has confirmed a terrible fact that we’ve been

Kevin Jackson: Black teen shooting protests suddenly in vogue


Are black teens getting shot a new trend, or is this just something the media wants you to BELIEVE is

Bruce Klingner on what is going on in North Korea…

The Story About Kim Jong Un Having His Uncle Eaten By 120 Wild Dogs May Have Started With A Satirical Tweet

We all know that North Korea is very mysterious. But as of late, the level of mystery has been taken

Can the President continue his “I know nothing” approach with his administration? Dan Bongino weighs in…

Bury Your Head In The Sand

It seems like every week, we’re reading about a new secret service scandal. We’re now learning that the secret service

Marco Rubio on ObamaCare, ISIS, Ebola, and a potential run for the White House…


Is Marco Rubio going to make a run for the Oval Office? He answers that, and a litany of other

Naysayer Mariah Is Proud Her Family Business Hires Illegal Aliens…


I welcome Naysayers every day on my program, especially on First Amendment Friday. I received a call from a Naysayer

Oregon’s Kumbaya Approach to Juvenile Criminals


This Kumbaya nonsense with juvenile criminals that puts the public at risk has to stop. I’m talking about a teenage

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