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Alan Viard tells you how reforming the tax code would make tax day a lot less painful!

Tomorrow is tax day, and it’s a painful day for many Americans. Could tax reform make filing your taxes less

Have officials been exaggerating class sizes in public schools? Liv Finne weighs in…

In Washington, the teachers unions are trying to reduce class sizes, saying that they are too large for students to

Kevin Jackson: You can always tell when a democrat is guilty…

We found out yesterday that Congressman Elijah Cummings appears to also be involved in the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

Saving for college? MarketWatch’s Catey Hill says you’re probably doing it wrong…

Saving for college? MarketWatch’s Catey Hill says you’re probably doing it wrong, and she joined me on the program to

Highlights from Feet 2 The Fire Day 1!

We had an awesome time at the first day of the Feet 2 The Fire conference, and we talked to

Juan Williams: America Needs To Be A Gun-Free Zone

In the wake of the second Fort Hood shooting, Comrade Juan Williams has one distorted idea: Make all of America

Daphne Zeng is fighting to bring her sister to America to attend her mother’s funeral…

Today, I received an email from a distressed listener. She told me that her sister was having trouble obtaining a

Was it right for the Mozilla CEO to step down? PJ Media’s Roger Simon weighs in…

Mozilla has claimed victory after CEO Brendan Eich bowed to the pressure from pro-gay rights activists and stepped down from

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