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Governor Scott Walker on Hillary Clinton, 2016 and Moderate Republicans


Listen to the entire interview with Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate, Scott Walker.

Everyone loves Santa Claus

Everyone loves Santa Claus. Vermont Senator and Democrat Presidential  candidate Bernie Sanders confirmed that this weekend when he drew a

Portland authorities take action against Greenpeace protestors

I applaud the Portland Police and the Fire Bureau for roping down to the St John’s, Sierra Club Bridge Piñatas

The law no longer seems to matter

Say goodbye to the Constitutional America you used to know. The United States has always prided itself on being a

Anti-Oil protesters arrive, disrupting commerce in Portland

For the most part, Americans do not admire arrogance. Yet this morning, an arrogant group of activists is hanging from

Pell Grants now available in prisons

Americans have piled up 1.3 trillion dollars in debt pursuing a college education. But there may be a way to

Gun-Free Zones are killing Americans

A killer in a Gun free zone took more lives in America, again, last night. John Russel Houser killed two

Socialist and Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant Thinks Seattle Needs Rent Control

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant

Self-described socialist and Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant joined me on the show today for a spirited, although at

The President’s Deadly Iran Deal

Kerry Featured

Two things about Barack Obama: 1.He was desperate for a deal with Iran on nukes. 2. Obama has insisted for

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