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Rich Miniter tells you the things you WON’T hear about Nelson Mandela in the next few days…

Rich Miniter tells you the things you WON’T hear about Nelson Mandela in the next few days…

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Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday at the age of 95. We’ve been told the tales of all the good he did for South Africa, and we’ve heard the President put his own spin on how Mandela changed the world and his life.

But a lot of people forget that Mandela was on a terrorist watch list until 2008 (Coincidence?)

Investigative Journalist Rich Miniter joined me on the program tonight to tell you some things about Mandela that you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else in the media…

  1. Jon Terry12-06-2013

    Great investigative journalism on exposing the facts about Mandela. Much closer to home, right here in our backyard, we can turn our attention on another backer of terrorism. A man who immigrated to his country as a student, with money raised by his community and leveraged his education and access to help fund acts of insurrection. He openly advocated for war with one of this country’s longest allies, led a reckless and immoral life while on the public payroll, supported radical black rule in Haiti and eventually attempted to assassinate a former Vice President. Most disturbing of all, even today, millions of our young people are walking around with his portrait in their wallets…I could go on, but I’m certain you know that I am talking about one of our nation’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton…its all about spin…and sometimes that spin amounts to little more than what direction does water spin when the toilet is flushed, on this type of pandering.

  2. welovetheUSA12-07-2013

    Africa needed someone, anyone who gave any kind of sense of humanity compared to what they were use to. The British did it all wrong in many ways when they took over Africa, as with India. But atleast when the British were there these people in Africa had food and water, and medicine. Since they left millions upon millions have starved to death, and died of HIV, millions do not know how to feed themselves, let alone get clean water, millions live like animals, and Billions of dollars have been poured into this country to only be taken by leaders who could care less about Africa. Now, the Chinese are moving in and buying up their resources that the African people are too stupid to market themselves, muslims are invading and killing as their own people have done against each other for 100 years. Its hard to find what Mandela has really done for the African people over the last 50 years.

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