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You Can Beg, But You Can’t Earn

You Can Beg, But You Can’t Earn

Lars’ Rose City Rap

I think everyone in America likes Madison Root, the 11 year old girl who tried to sell her mistletoe on a public street in Portland, but was shut down because she doesn’t have the right government permits.

Madison was told that she could beg like so many do here in Havana on the Willamette, but she couldn’t actually earn a single buck without the right paperwork from city hall.

Speaking of city hall, Mayor Charlie Hales told our news partner, KGW, that the little mistletoe girl “must follow the rules”.

Really Charlie? The way you followed the rules by moving to Skamania and claiming Washington residency for five years so you could avoid Oregon income taxes, while still voting in more than a dozen Oregon elections? That kind of following the rules?

City hall is famous for allowing violation of the rules by groups like Occupy and folks who stage marches and protests.  But a budding little capitalist, self starter, self reliant 11 year old who wants to pay her own way even when it comes to braces for her teeth?  No, in her case hypocrite Hales wants her held to the letter of the law.

  1. Chris Jenkins12-05-2013

    I know you aren’t a fan of Glenn Beck, but he interviewed Madison this morning on his radio show. His network, The Blaze, has an online store called The Marketplace, specializing in American made products from American small businesses. The Marketplace took up Madison’ s mistletoe and sold it for her asking price, free of charge to Madison and she gets to keep all of the proceeds. They sold out of the 1000 bags within an hour of the interview and called back to ask if they can get more. How is that for national coverage and good people backing a great 11 year old girl and her cause. Check it out.

  2. Earl Poulsen12-11-2013

    IS there someone who will pay the fees or help pay for her braces?

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